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  • Business Consultancy Services
    “Clarity is power.”
    Ian Mann
  • Business Consultancy Services
    “Manage people better and they
    will perform better.
    Be in control and watch the change.”
    Nigel Bailey
  • Business Coaching and Mentoring
    “Partnerships are Powerful and Precious.
    Please take care of them.”
    Angela Du Plessis
  • Business Consultancy Services
    "You don't get the life you deserve,
    you get the life you negotiate."

    Call Dave Hendrie and he'll teach you
    to negotiate to the life you deserve
  • Business Performance Management
    “Making my network yours.”
    Matt Haus

Business has never been harder. Companies are facing more and more daunting challenges. The pressures on CEOs and Senior Managers grow exponentially by the day whilst the resources to do this are often diminishing.

Gateways is a boutique business consultancy where the focus is always on delivering measurable results.

Gateways may be the only business consultancy in the world to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if clients are not happy with the deliverables… a guarantee that Gateways can offer with confidence because of the extensive and intensive experience of its team of world-class consultants. This is a team that comes with genuine pedigrees, experience and wisdom.


Ian Mann - Founder

Gateways was established in 1990 by Ian Mann. Ian is one of the most well-read and insightful consultants in the world.

The consultancy works with medium and large organisations in South Africa, the rest of Africa, the Middle East and Australasia - always with the focus on performance and the bottom line. With its wealth of knowledge and experience, results are assured.

Gateways comprises a number of consultants in addition to Ian. Each has years of practical, hands-on experience at the coalface in senior management positions.

The team is small so there is always access to the core talent that works individually or collaboratively as a team.


Our Happy Clients

Nigel, The Balanced Scorecard system is going very well. I think it is helping and that people are enjoying being focused on what they KNOW is important.

Robyn Cohen

Human Resources Manager - MEDPages

Nigel, the Interactive Training Games and Exercises for Facilitators course was aligned to my expectations. I appreciated the customisation of the programme. Thank you for an enjoyable learning environment and for all the effort in producing a self-explanatory guide that trainers can use.

Vivienne Pereira

Training Manager - Allan Gray

Dave, I really enjoyed every moment of your presentation and would like to thank you for the professional manner in which you facilitated the course. I look forward to working with you in preparation for the conference and consider it a privilege to tap into your wealth of knowledge.

Liezel van Bergen

Brand Manager - Foodcorp

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